These are some of the book titles that we have in our library.  Our library is constantly growing. Some of the book listings below have links to reviews of the book by one of our members, Mark Gezella.



M. Adams, Mark Adams Instructional DVDs (I & II) (DVD)
M. Adams, Wood Bending
M. Adams, Marquetry
M. Adams, Joinery
A. Anderson, Legacy Woodworking Machinery
D. Charlesworth, Plane Sharpening (Part I)
D. Charlesworth, Hand Planing (Part II)
M. Dresner, Wood Finishing
M. Dresner, The Simple Finishes
M. Duginske, Mastering Woodworking Machines (DVD)
M. Duginske, Mastering Your Bandsaw (DVD)
B. Flexner, Refinishing
B. Flexner, Repairing Furniture
T. Frid, Tage Frid Woodworking Profile (DVD)
Tod Herrli, Classic Plane Making - Vol 1 (DVD)
T. and P. Hooper, Intro to Pewter Smithing (DVD)
P. Lowe, Measuring Furniture for Reproduction
F. Klausz, Review of the Man Himself
F. Klausz, Dovetail a Drawers
F. Klausz, Dovetail a Drawer (DVD)
S. Maloof Woodworking Profile
K. Mehler, Build a Shaker Table (DVD)
K. Mehler, Mastering Your Table Saw (DVD)
R. Raffen, Turning Wood
M. Rodrigues, Ironing on Veneer
G. Rogowski, Router Joinery (DVD)
P. Ruhlmann, Making Rustic Furniture
L. Schleining, Steam Bending
D. Stubbs, Bowl Turning
R. Underhill, The Woodwright's Shop - Two Old Tool Pioneers
R. Underhill, The Woodwright's Shop - Wheeled Toys in Wood
R. Underhill, The Woodwright's Shop - Lyle Wheeler, Chairmaker
P. Warner, The Versatile Router

Hardwood: Forest to Finish
Incra Jigs
ShopClass Series Guide (Table Saw, Jointer & Planer, and Bandsaw)
Making Kitchen Cabinets
1986 Southern Wood Turning Conference

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